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whiskey connoisseur

Investigate the color, aroma, taste, and finish of four premium American Whiskeys on this 40-minute tasting.


magic of the mashbill

Gain access to one of our iconic tasting rooms for a quick Bourbon history lesson, followed by a sampling of some highly sought-after pours.


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Looking for something out of the ordinary? Take advantage of one of our unique whiskey experiences offered throughout the year.


the heaven hill
bourbon experience

Located in historic Bardstown,
Kentucky, our award-winning
facility will get you caught up in
the world of American whiskey.

Kentucky Mule

a history worth

Uncover the true story of John E.
Fitzgerald and his crime of opportunity.

Keep an eye out

keep an eye out

The new Larceny Brand
Gallery at the Heaven Hill Bourbon
Experience opens in Summer 2021.